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https://www.coreultrasound.com/Airway ultrasound is something that can be quite complex but at its most basic, it can be used to help determine if you have endotracheal versus endobronchial intubation. This is definitely not something that needs to be done all the time, but is a great adjunct in the appropriate clinical setting!

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I've performed the TAP (Transversus Abdominus Plane) block a few times, but as an EM doc, I sometimes have a hard time finding a good application for it. 

In this week's podcast, Dr. Kat Vlasica joins us again to enlighten us on some novel applications of the TAP block as well as introduce us to some variations on the TAP block: The subcostal TAP and the rectus sheath block. Check it out!

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Spoiler: Dr. Spiegel uses IVC ultrasound in every one of his sick patients.  Another spoiler: Volume responsiveness might not be all that important. 

Check out the podcast on his top tips for evaluating the IVC and his thoughts on volume responsiveness, volume tolerance and why it might not even matter.

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In this video I share with you a summary of the 3 main leg blocks from a lecture I gave at WINFOCUS this year. While I don't cover suprainguinal fascia iliaca or PENG blocks in this talk, we have links to how to perform them elsewhere on the website. Looking forward to hearing what you all think!

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This week we have a special guest host, Michael Prats, from the Ultrasound GEL podcast. In this episode, Mike speaks with Dr. Rafael Blanco about the blocks he created, the Pecs 1 block, the Pecs 2 block and the Serratus blocks! If you want to know how to perform the serratus block, click here.

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In this episode, I demonstrate a case of early tamponade in which only right atrial diastolic collapse is visualized (rather than the oft-quoted right ventricular diastolic collapse), as well as review the literature on the sonographic findings.  I also suggest that maybe tamponade should be considered more of a sonographic diagnosis rather than a clinical diagnosis.  Check it out for more info!

On a side note, Terren Trott, Ben Smith and I are going to be putting together a new live and online ultrasound course March 15-16th! We’re going to spend the first day talking about content creation and the second day talking about how to run an ultrasound division.

The content creation course will cover how to create online presentations, how to use microblogging platforms (such as twitter and instagram) and how to give in-person presentations. The ultrasound management course will involve topics that will help you run a successful ultrasound program at your institution.

With registration, you will be given access to the recorded lectures for 12 months after the course!

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This episode is a repost from a 5 Minute Sono episode back in 2017.  In this case, I discuss performing a full hand block (blocking the ulnar, radial and median nerves).  Check it out!

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This week I share a pretty spectacular case where Dr. Rob Farrow et al present a patient in whom bedside ultrasound helped appropriately disposition the patient (check out the article here). My two favorite pearls for this are the fact that patients that have symptoms suspicious of COVID also can have other diseases (like heart attacks and PEs) AND you should be scared not to use your bedside ultrasound due to the fact that you may miss something important.  Check it out!

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This week I get the pleasure of sitting down (virtually) with Dr. Claire Heslop, a phenomenal educator and Emergency Physician in Toronto, Canada. We chat about a few of our choicest machine/patient/sonographer optimization tips.  Check out the top pearls below:

  1. Make sure you have the right probe and have the ultrasound machine in the best setting for that specific exam.
  2. Optimize depth
  3. Optimize gain
  4. Optimize your angle of insonance (angle of the beam relative to the structure you’re scanning.  The sound beam should be perpendicular to the thing you’re looking at)
  5. Patient optimization –
    1. Position the patient
    2. Remove leads/stickers
    3. Clean up gel
  6. Keep your patient informed on what you’re seeing (also, ask them if they want to be informed on what you’re seeing)
  7. Think about ergonomics for the ultrasonographer –
    1. Drop the bed rails
    2. Lower/raise patient bed
    3. Place the ultrasound machine in your line of sight.
In other news, we’ve decided to cancel in-person Castlefest this year (2020).  We had postponed it from May 2020 to November 2020 in hopes that the pandemic would be less prominent by then.  Since this likely won’t be the case, we feel that moving the conference to a virtual platform is the right thing to do.

We’re still working out details on exactly how we’re going to do this, but we do know we will offer it November 9-10th 2020 and the URL for updates will be https://www.castlefest2020.com. If you have already paid for in person Castlefest, you have two options:

  1. Full refund
  2. We hold onto your spot (and registration) for Castlefest 2021.  If you do this, we will give you FREE ACCESS to virtual Castlefest 2020.

More details to follow soon, and if you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to reach out! (ultrasoundpodcast@gmail.com)

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A few months ago I had a wonderful conversation with Scott Weingart regarding the RUSH exam (which he invented) and the sonographic diagnosis of cardiac tamponade. If you'd like to hear Scotts 2019 update on the RUSH exam, click here

This week I'm cross-posting our interview where he asked me about how to diagnose this at the bedside.  Check it out!

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In this weeks podcast Jacob speaks with Zack Risler, who is the Director of Ultrasound Education for the residents at Thomas Jefferson in Philadelphia. Zack and I are both on the Ultrasound GEL podcast and a few months ago we started talking about our thoughts on resident education and decided to share it with you all! 


If you are interested in an online ultrasound fellowship, check out www.ultrasoundleadershipacademy.com

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This week we keep our basics series up and running!

A few months ago I had the privilege of speaking at the Tennessee American College of Emergency Physicians Scientific Assembly and the talk I gave was entitled "Top Five Bedside Ultrasound Applications".  Instead of a traditional "Top Five", I gave the two most life altering (COPD vs CHF and aortic dissection), the two most important procedures (US-guided IV and nerve blocks), and my favorite exam (Pneumonia).  If you want to watch the video (and hear why I'm so out of breath at the beginning), go to https://www.coreultrasound.com/top-5-pocus-tips/


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This week I share with you a conversation that Dr. Kat Ogle and I had on medical education with emphasis on bedside ultrasound teaching.  We recorded this on location in Cartagena, Colombia while doing some workshops for the Developing EM conference

This podcast will be the first in a series of podcasts on education since we are fortunate enough to have a fresh batch of new physicians in July!

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This week, Drs. Lindsay Reardon and Peter Weimersheimer talk to us about a case of shortness of breath they had in their community shop that ended up being a life-threatening pathology that was caught early enough to avoid the patient decompensating. Next week, we're publish part 2 of the podcast where we speak with the cardiologist on the case. 

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Pediatric patients with suspicion of congenital heart abnormalities can be very intimidating! In this week's podcast Jacob speaks with one of our pediatric POCUS experts regarding congenital heart abnormalities and how the average provider might be able to evaluate them.  Your point-of-care exam should never replace a cardiology-performed echo, but your exam can definitely help you in your work-up.  Here are Russ's tips:

  1. Hypoplastic left heart - Look for a small left ventricle
  2. Coarctation of the aorta - Look at the pulsed-wave Doppler waveform of the abdominal aorta
  3. Heart failure - Look at the lungs
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It appears that there is a higher incidence of thrombotic events in COVID-19 patients, including upper and lower extremity DVT, MI, CVA and heart attacks.  While there are many ways to diagnose thrombotic disease, point of care ultrasound is definitely an option.  

For a summary of the available literature on COVID-associated thrombosis, check out www.coreultrasound.com/COVID_thrombosis

Listen to the podcast and let us know what you think.  

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Back in January 2020, I was in Vermont with Russ Horowitz. We had both been lecturing at Stowe EM and we got to talking about pediatric pneumonia. Russ told me about a case of a patient who was sent to his hospital with a radiographic diagnosis of pneumonia. Turns out the patient didn't have pneumonia, but had a thymus (which is a normal finding in neonates). Check out the podcast for more details!

If you want to see a tutorial on how to evaluate a patient for pneumonia,  check out https://www.coreultrasound.com/pneumonia/

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Let's be honest: Musculoskeletal ultrasound is unlikely to save a patient's life.  However, it can dramatically change your patients disposition and may help diagnose your patients with abnormalities much faster than without POCUS.  This week, Jacob talks with Zachary Risler (@zrisler) about his thoughts on the sonographic evaluation of hip effusions.


If you want to see a tutorial on how to perform the exam and exactly what to look for, check out https://www.coreultrasound.com/hip-effusion/

Interested in an online ultrasound fellowship?  Check out http://www.ultrasoundleadershipacademy.com/

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In this video, Michael Prats, MD (guest host!) and Jacob Avila sit down with Yale Tung Chen and speak with him regarding his article, Results of a Prospective Study to Evaluate the Impact of Point-of-Care Ultrasound in the Enhancement of Gastrointestinal Bleeding Risk Scores. In this study, Dr. Chen showed that ultrasound was able to prognosticate hemodynamically stable patients for bad outcomes down the road.  Here's the link to the study.

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This week, we talk with Dr Peter Weimersheimer and Dr. Lindsay Reardon regarding their experience using ultrasound in the era of COVID.  Listen to the podcast to hear their thoughts on machine protection and decontamination, using portable devices and how to teach ultrasound.

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We're (obviously) pro-ultrasound when it comes to diagnostic work-ups.  This is especially true when you consider the overwhelming COVID pandemic. When using POCUS to evaluate your patients, you definitely don't want the machines to be a potential source of infection for your next patient.  In this podcast, Mike and Jacob discuss their thoughts on how to adequately safeguard your machine and your patients amid this pandemic. 

Castlefest has officially been moved to the November 9-13th.  Check it out here 

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On March 10th we published part 1 of Cardiac Arrest Ultrasound with Cian McDermott.  We usually like to publish part 2 right after part 1, but instead we published a series of 'casts on COVID and lung ultrasound.  

But now, the wait is over! Check out PART 2 of Cardiac Arrest Ultrasound with Cian McDermott where we ask ourselves rapid-fire questions! 

If you are interested in some detailed show notes, check out Part 1 of the podcast on the www.Coreultrasound.com website. 


  • ULA (Ultrasound Leadership Academy) has graciously offered to put their lung modules online FOR FREE.  Link here
  • Castlefest 2020 is delayed until November 9th.  #COVID19
  • Interested in an online ultrasound fellowship?  Check out www.ultrasoundleadershipacademy.com  
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In this Podcast, Mike Mallin, Michael Prats and I speak with Marco Garrone (Twitter: @drmarcogarrone; Website: https://www.ultrasonica.net/), an Italian physician working on the front lines of Torino, Italy. Here, we talk specifics regarding COVID-19 and Ultrasound. Check out the podcast!

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COVID-19 is taking the world by storm, and not in a good way.  As a medical community, we're scrambling trying to figure out how to best diagnose it and treat it.  In this podcast, Mike Mallin, Mike Stone, Michael Prats and I talk about the literature and our experiences with it thus far.  Check it out!

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This week we get to hear from Cian McDermott, ED physician extraordinaire on his approach to cardiac arrest.  In this podcast we discuss 1 vs 2 person POCUS, different ways to use it during arrest, and some of our favorite published protocols.  

If you want detailed show notes, check out www.coreultrasound.com, courtesy of Cian.  

If you're interested in coming and scanning with us LIVE in Lexington, Ky, check out www.castlefest2020.com

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This week our podcast features Claire Heslop (@RogueClaire), one of our Castlefest 2020 speakers and her amazing aorta and renal ultrasound talk she gave at Castlefest last year (2019).  Also, *an important announcement*! Ultrasound Podcast, 5 Minutes Sono and Ultrasound of the Week are combining forces into a NEW website: www.CoreUltrasound.com.  Check it out!

If you are interested in coming to Castlefest 2020, one of our ultrasound symposiums, go to www.castlefest2020.com

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This week Jacob interviews Mike Stone, an Emergency Physician that works out in Portland, Oregon.  Mike wears many hats, but the hat we’re going to be focusing on this week is that of an EM physician who is an expert on ultrasound-guided nerve blocks. In this wide-ranging conversation, we talk about tips on how to start doing nerve blocks if you’ve never done one before, LAST, needles and safety (among other great pearls). Check out the podcast for more! (If you want the video of the interview, check out our youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYORkK-YC9I&feature=youtu.be


Come to Castlefest 2020 in Lexington, Ky for all you ultrasound conferences desires! - https://www.castlefest2020.com


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Last episode we revisited appendicitis ultrasound.  Let’s continue that visit.  What better way to keep visiting than with a case, right?
Luckily, Dave Kirschner….the Canadian, has an awesome case to share with us.  Dave is a brilliant ultrasound guru from up north who we met through The Ultrasound Leadership Academy, and now he teaches with us as much as we can convince him to.  
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Last week we showed you how to be 22% more accurate in diagnosing Sepsis in 10 minutes based on this study: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27236328

NOW, you’re not done!  You’re treating the source, but you also have to manage their fluid status.  Well, we figured since we’ve only done 87 episodes on fluid responsiveness we needed one more.  Seriously, sometimes it requires explaining in a few different ways to really get a complicated subject like that.  Let us explain……..
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We all know that ultrasound helps us be more accurate and fast in making diagnosis and getting our sick patients appropriately treated.  Now we have proof!  THIS study proves just how much quicker we are with ultrasound.  Let’s discuss exactly how much of a difference it can make for you and your patients.

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